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We haven’t talked in a year. I discovered this song. I can’t help but laugh and wonder if she’s heard it. A year ago I would’ve stood in her dirty kitchen with a can of tomatoes and belted out ‘oh laura, you’re more than a superstar’ loud enough to wake the neighbors. She was a huge part of my life. There is no telling how many memorial day weekends I ate her dad’s BBQ. I used to do stuff I knew would piss her off just to get a reaction out of her. I probably did a million things that drove her crazy. The only example I could think of was my mission to disturb her while she was shitting. It was a tiny apartment. I’d hear her go in the bathroom, if I even suspected she was trying to shit it became my responsibility to make her talk to me or to tell her a fucked up story. She liked to read and shit. Like a man, she could spend an hour sitting on the toilet reading until her ass went numb. She never could understand why I wouldn’t just let her shit and read in peace. Thanks to her I had the sibling experience. I know it’s totally incestuous because I spent so much time fucking her brother. She wouldn’t like the ‘new lynn.’ I don’t like the ‘new laura.’ But, I will always wish I got to sing her this song.

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