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Sometimes in life you have moments when you have to stop and eat you’re words. I know removing my foot from the back of my throat is going to be difficult. I will learn to stop putting my foot in my mouth. I won’t push it to the point that I’m eating my own leg. I promise never to call you a fucking mule again. I haven’t embraced twitter if I did I would tweet ‘It’s been a fucked up few days again when I end up typing the sentence: I promise never to call you a fucking mule again. Since I’m honest I’m going to admit that if you piss me off to the point of tears I’ll probably call you a mule again. It’s something I’ll never forget because you got so fiery mad I could see every bit of your wild, passionate and intense ability to communicate. You got so irritated with me it was strangely sexy. Nonetheless, I shouldn’t run around calling people Mules. Lesson learned. One final thing, for some reason the phrase ‘I’m just not on the same page as you’ is one of those phrases that can drive me into my own intense fury. You might as well just say’ I’m okay but you are fundamentally fucked up.’ So if I call you a mule you can tell me it’s time to pick up my crazy book and turn it to the page the rest of the world is reading.

4 responses to “Ani DiFranco – Unworry (Live in New York)

  1. Impressive, definitely great material. This blog is absolutely awesome.

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