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how to letter fuck me like my master

Anonymous: I blindfolded you and tied you up on all four bedpost of your bed… are wearing what I like…black skirt, black stockings, the black boots and a white blouse….I can see the nipples of your tits trying to break the fabric of your blouse….yes you are horny slut and I know what you want….you can hear that I am taking off my shirt, the zipper of Jeans and when I pull it down….I grab my hard cock and let the tip of it slide over the lips of your mouth….yes use the tip of your tongue to lick it….mmmm…you are my horny whore now….I want to see your tits and my hands are grabbing your blouse to rip it off to both sites….you can hear the buttons falling on the floor……my hand are on your sluty tits and teasing your hard nipple…..yes moan your little whore….I know what you want…. You want me to fuck you like nobody else before…..but I will do it when I want it to do….my hand is stroking down to your belly….the tip of my fingers are moving around your bellybutton ……you start to lift your pelvis because you are so horny and want that I fuck you……no not now…..I will kneel between your legs on the bed…..mmmm…yes I push up your skirt….I can see your camel toe in your pink slip…..and the wet spot…because your horny juice is filling your horny cunt already…..feel my fingers sliding on your stockings to your thighs….yes moan loud….beg me to touch your horny cunt…with two fingers I press the your slip into your soaking wet cunt…..yes you like that you whore….I want to see your swollen cuntlips and my hands rip off your slip….yes scream….I stick the slip into your mouth so you can taste yourself and cannot scream anymore……..I like what I am looking at….on the end of your stockings I can see the swollen lips of your sluty cunt….it a little open and your honey juice is running down to your pink asshole that twitch when my fingertip is sliding over it……..I want more I want you wide open for me and what I want to do to you……I grab the scissors from the floor and cut the rope on your ankles….grab them and f***e a part your legs up to your hands and tie them up there… you are all mine…..feel my tongue licking down your stocking to reach your swollen cuntlips….to lick around them and to tease with the tip of it your hard clit…..yes moan load….try to lift your pelvis to get more of it….now I lick down to your pink and juice asshole…..lick around it and f***e my middle finger deep into it…yes scream…..i know you want it to much….but I want my hard cock in it….I grab your ankles and f***e my hard cock deep into your wet whorecunt to make it slick for the tight canal I want to fuck…..feel the tip of my hard cock on your twitching asshole and how I press it without warning deep into it…..scream you sluty whore…no mercy…..feel how I fuck your ass deep and hard….and my thumb is teasing your hard clit…..yes cum for me you are my fucktoy and I will use you as I like…..your body is shaking and shivering when your orgasm is Cumming and you feel how my hard cock is pumping his hot fuckjuice into your tight ass…..I pull my cock out and order you to press my cum out of your tight canal so I can watch when its running down your black stockings………Me: Before you can tie me to the bed I offer you a challenge. You see the glimmer of sheer lust and v******e in my eyes. That’s the part of the story that is missing. You knock on the door of the hotel. I am ready for you. I dressed in your favorite outfit. But I shocked you with something you didn’t expect. You had only seen me with long brown hair. For this occasion I decided to go all out. My hair is a stunning shade of blonde that cascades down past my nipples in a ripple of natural waves. I don’t even say hello. I just hand you a glass of whiskey and tell you to drink it. You look at me kind of perplexed. All I do is give you a wicked smirk and say ‘you’re going to need it.’My black skirt is wicked short and pleated like a little tramp in a high school uniform. My stockings are my signature trade mark. I only wear black thigh highs with no garter belt. You know my style but you are stunned to see it in person. I warned you about that inch of skin. You didn’t believe me until you saw it. Where my pantyhose end you see how the tightness of them makes my thighs bubble over. It is just like cleavage only it’s below my skirt. You watch me pour out another glass of whiskey and casually lean against the dresser letting you see that my skirt is short enough to show the hem of a white slip just like you asked for. Little did you know I went to great lengths to hem that tiny little slip just the same length as my skirt.

As I lean against the dresser you see I did what you asked and your dick is so hard it presses painfully against your jeans. You wanted a white blouse. Little did you know that was also my trademark. I have always had one trick when it comes to fashion. Instead of a blouse that fits a woman I’m wearing an actual school uniform. I bought it in the boy’s department. It is so wicked tight and hugging my body you are stunned. Of course my tits are too big for it to button all the way up. Just like a little tramp the buttons are open above my belly button and you see my massive tits bubbling out of a black lace bra. You are stunned I nailed the uniform exactly the way you requested. You are simply speechless.

You can’t stop staring at all that blond hair almost blocking your view of my cleavage. I casually move my hair over my shoulders so you can see all of my tits busting out of that tight long sleeve little boy’s shirt. All of a sudden you see me gulp down my glass. You’ve been standing there too stunned to drink yours. Once again I give you a wicked smirk and tell you ‘you’re going to need it.’ So you guzzle it and slam down your glass on the dresser. It’s your way of saying ‘I’m ready.’ You look at the bed and see four pieces of black rope attached to the four poster bed. You know I am ready. What you aren’t expecting is a challenge. I look at you wickedly and say ‘If you want me tied down then you have to fight me.’

I walk up to you and you expect a passionate embrace. Suddenly I slap you hard against the face and you are stunned from the blow. You aren’t expecting this. You look at me in fury and ask me ‘what the fuck was that for?’ I giggle at you and tell you ‘welcome to my world.’ You know it’s a challenge and suddenly your dick is so hard it truly hurts. Something about that slap and my wicked smirk has you so damn aroused you can’t think straight. You realize this is going to be a struggle you didn’t expect. I taunt you by saying ‘do I have to use my fist this time.’ Suddenly you are ready and you grab me by the waist and work towards pushing me onto the bed.

You are stunned as I squirm against your hold. You didn’t expect a fight. With your hand on my waist I take my chance and slap your cheek again. Harder this time. Instinct makes you grab for my wrist to prevent another blow. Suddenly you have one wrist in each hand and you keep pushing me towards the bed. Like a slippery little fish you can’t control my hands. My right hand escapes and before you can grab it again I use all my strength and a fist. You take a hard blow that busts your lip wide open. You are enraged. You take a moment to wipe away the bl**d on your pants.

I giggle again and say ‘you’re going to have to fight back to get me tied to that bed.’ You never thought you would do it but suddenly that smirk on my face enrages you. You can’t resist slapping that look off my face. That’s what you don’t know about me. That feisty look taunts men into slapping me all the time. You can tell I’m suddenly getting so damn horny from this new game I can barely see straight. You are much stronger than me. Yet you are stunned at how hard it is to grab a hold of me as I twist and squirm. I moan ‘hit me again.’ You don’t hesitate and you slap me across the other cheek using all your f***e. The blow knocks me onto the bed.

You climb on top of my squirming body and start shifting me towards those straps on the bed. You knew you would dominate me. I just surprised you with the experience of a fight to tie me down. We wrestle like to k**s in gym class. You can see I’m being very careful not to accidently land a kick to your achingly hard dick. You know that I won’t really hurt you and this is my idea of foreplay. Each time I squirm lose I land one of those wicked little blows to your face and shoulders. Suddenly you are an a****l with your intensity to get me tied down. You have never wanted anything so bad in your life.

With your knees you pin down my chest and latch one arm to the bedpost tying a hard quick knot. You are stunned that I’m still landing blows with my other hand. You slap me again and you can see me getting off on each blow. While I’m having a euphoric rush of pain and arousal you seize the chance to tie down my other hand. With my hands tied you can feel me switch completely out of any v******e and into a state of sheer agony to feel you violate me. I easily let you tie down my feet. That’s when you see my hips start to push up and you hear me start begging for your cock like a dirty little whore.

This is just round one of our letter fucking. Round two will focus more on my own experiences as I feel you deep inside all of my holes. Most letter fucking will be more sexually graphic. You just gave me a chance to truly describe how I would dress and what would happen to get me tied to the bed. Some men can’t handle a touch of v******e. Round two will be more focused on the actual fucking. This is real. This is what I would really look like. This is what I would do to any man who I allow to dominate me. I could’ve pumped out an enhanced version of my pleasure and feelings while you fucked me. That would be too easy. It will come. Don’t worry. I have a never ending ability to describe what it feels like for you to fuck my mouth, pussy and ass.

This is a dose of my own fascination with foreplay that gets rougher than most men can tolerate. Round two will be more graphic about the sex. I hope I didn’t disappoint you with more of story and less raunchy detail. I can do both with ease. But men need to know what it takes to tie me down and how I really play. No man has been able to handle this side of me. I can’t wait for round two. I do enjoy talking about the feeling of a cock deep inside my tight ass and the feeling of cum being f***ed out of any hole that has been violated. However, your message let me tell you what it’s really like for a man to be able to dominate me. I like to be hit. I would bust open your lip to make you do it. Your turn.

10 days ago

Great writing! Very far from what I consider as sexual pleasure. However it was consensual either one of you could have stopped any farther play. So its all about each party participating at their own will. Very interesting….
2 months ago

Zanges I think you gave up on me. Your last comment was a complaint that you missed happy fun lynn. I tried to explain getting real because my life is hard right now. Littlewanker was a pussy. I even gave him a second chance to be my master and he failed me again in less than 24 hours. I asked him to add a sexual element to my writing even though it wouldn’t be all sex. He couldn’t devote himself to that. I look for men to send me the next fantasy all the time. I was waiting for you to write your own vivid sex scene as a comment on my page so I could exploit it. I warned all men that you have to leave me a blog or page comment because my pm box is full. I guarantee I’ve missed at least one thousand pm’s. But hardly anyone leaves a comment. That is why I try to really get to know men who do and give them maximum pleasure. One of the reasons I went back to a real blog was the lack of men who would dive in my rabbit hole and play with me. All I do is write. I have even pm’d a few men propositioning them to have some dirty wordplay with me. I take breaks from real blogs for sex blogs if a man engages me. I have one man role-playing a wicked game of daddy versus bad girl with me through public comments. Fun lynn never really went away. No one wanted to play with me. When I went missing I spent a week of non-stop masturbation searching for good porn. It was bogus. Good porn with intense dirty talk is hard to find. So I don’t give a damn if you don’t read the real blog that are chapters about my life. You can wait to read me again when I post something announcing BACK TO SEX. I’m about to be a camgirl. I’m writing about who I really am to earn respect before it’s non-stop sex. I will use my blog to announce where, when and how I will perform. You know the gimmick. You can watch me for free. It is great when a gentleman rewards me with tokens. I do it because I love being porn for a room full of men who almost compete for me to do what they want. It’s a rush. I have business to take care of but I hope you will give me a second chance. I need men like you to watch me and tell me how to improve. I want to be free live porn for you. I want your advise. I want your opinion. I need to know the balance to play between sweet versus slut. That is my charm. I offer both options. I will send you a PM and beg you to read this reply. Don’t respond with a PM. Hit my page with something sexual. You don’t have to be an expert at writing or sex. I just need something to work with. You can play the game. You can have fun Lynn. She is back. She is just multi-tasking. Littlwanker couldn’t handle the fact I juggle many endeavors. He told me to focus on one thing. I don’t work like that. I need real time. I need sex time. I need it fifty fifty. Will you play?
Dave, I have had such a good time responding to your comments. You and my friend reb may be the only men who say something damn near anytime I post something. That to me is the true test of friendship. I feel so proud of this little scene. I could easily have pumped out a graphic encounter of double penetration, cum and squirming. That is something I can do in my sleep. It may seem short and sweet but this was one of the hardest things I have ever written. I am trying to learn how to write fiction. I am an expert at stream of conscious writing. Fiction for me takes hard effort, focus, concentration and more. Writing my real blog is very much like letting a current in a river move me from one place to the next. This little expose of sex mixed with violence was like learning how to swim properly. I never learned how to correctly swim. I doggy paddle. So I hope i can move from a doggy paddle into a breaststroke. But Fuck yes I am proud of this post. It is an actual real sexual fantasy for me. I would love to do everything I described exactly the way I described it. As I dabble into fiction the irony is that it is based on fact.
2 months ago

Littlewanker was lame and he couldn’t pump out round two. Yes baby you would have a hard time tying me down. I fight like a wildcat. I have hurt strong men many times. I know how to fight. I bust lips open more than you can imagine. I will get back to writing more fiction about sex. This was prep work for my first real story which I’m sure you read. I’m telling you for me it is damn hard to write fiction. I write a blog with such ease but it takes time, effort and focus to create fiction. I can’t wait to get back to learning how to do it. I do have a whole list of sex stories brewing in my brain.
2 months ago

i probably have a hard time tying you down. looking forward to round two of this post!
3 months ago

Awesome honey I loved how you wrote it you make me serious and sexy tonight writing your blogs
3 months ago

Will there be a round two? Or do need we all need to message you and pick up where this leaves off? Create our own Rabbit Hole to fall into? 😉
3 months ago

Once I’m tied to the bed let the games begin. I would love you to taunt me with slaps from your dick as you see me wiggle and squirm wanting more cum inside of me. You would see my hips going up and down as I ache for you to violate me more.
3 months ago

This is good stuff. I wanna be next in line to tie you to the bed. I would then make you beg for the dick a little bit more while I slap your naked body all over with my hard cock. Thinking of your hips movin all around waiting for dick gets my gears goin.
3 months ago

3 months ago

this is my new master. i will always play with other men. right now he has earned me as his submissive. he won me through good correspondence i could rely on. i will be very sexual with many men. sexually he comes first.
3 months ago

yes my love i do love it really rough
3 months ago

You will give every hole in your body to me to use as I please, you will be available to me waiting like this:
3 months ago

you like it really rough huh

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