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sex story the lingerie store

Im new at this. I did tonight’s round of letter fucking. I posted it as a story. It has to go through moderation and I am impatient. I prefer it to be more of a blog post. At the same time it is my first real story so I don’t care if I edit twice and it shows up in another section. I don’t know how the system works. A good friend wanted a story about fucking in a lingerie store. I will get better at writing stories. I just don’t know whether I will post them as blogs or as sex stories.We were both stunned when the gallery in New York suddenly began selling my work for such a large amount of money. I am a very simple girl that has never had a lot of money. For god’s sake I had never even been on an airplane or in a major city. Being in New York and seeing my art on display in one of the most cutting edge galleries in the world was a shock for me. Suddenly I did have a small fortune to play with. I had no problem parting with the money because I knew my work was in high demand.

You could tell I didn’t like the city very much. In many ways I was quite miserable being swallowed up by people and skysccrappers. I didn’t want to leave the hotel to explore. Then I decided that there was one place I wanted to go. It was more than just shopping for me. You knew my whole life had been a struggle to find a bra big enough for my huge tits. Dressing well will always be a problem for me because I am such an odd shape. In order to fit in with my new social circuit it was important to start with the basics. You didn’t realize this had been a life-long dream. It’s not as though I have ever been able to walk into victoria’s secret and simply by a bra.

We laughed about the fact I spent a whole summer simply unable to find a bra for love or money. That was how you met me. That summer after a drastic weight loss suddenly my bras were too big around the waist. Since I lost the weight slow through good nutrition my tits didn’t shrink as fast as my waist. When I was fat I could wear some larger size bras in a 40DD. Suddenly I needed a 36 or a 34. I tried to explain that a bra’s cup size gets smaller as the size decreases. That summer I had no choice but to learn how to look sexy in two or three tight tank tops and no bra. I spent the whole summer shocking men with cleavage bubbling out of a tight tank top. I used to fuck with men and tell them ‘I’m not even wearing a bra.’

When you met me I was wearing my signature uniform. A short pair of distressed denim jean shorts and that white tank top with no bra. I didn’t even have decent fitting underwear. I lived a simple life without any money to buy smaller panties and a new bra. Sitting in the hotel room it hit me. I am in the epicenter of fashion and I can now afford to replace my cheap bra that was too big around the waist yet too small in the cup size. We both agreed I looked better without a bra than wearing the only one I could find that was decent. I never thought I would have the chance to go to a custom lingerie boutique that is the exclusive destination for women like me who need a strange bra size.

You were startled by my sudden enthusiasm. I lit up like a k** at Christmas when you mentioned finally buying custom fitted lingerie. It was out of necessity. To wear the dress for my first major art show I needed a decent bra. I needed a whole new collection of lingerie to take back home when we left the city. I had seen this particular lingerie shop on some reality tv program years ago. I watched two women with huge tits help women like me finally find sexy underwear. I knew it would be an expensive shopping experience. I tried to warn you that I planned to buy the equivalent of a land rover when it came to bras and panties. Since I had always been tight with money you thought I was exaggerating. You had no idea that I was prepared to drop three grand to buy one bra. You didn’t realize I planned to buy at least six or seven.

You didn’t know about my obsession to have matching bras and panties like a normal girl. What you truly didn’t expect was me to splurge on sex kitten type outfits just to please you. We took a cab and I was giddy with excitement. I knew when we walked in the door that I found paradise. We were the only customers. I was glad I’d only seen those women a few times on TV. I would’ve been embarrassed if I watched their show all the time. I was new to the experience of wealth. I seemed kind of shy. However, I wanted those women to know I planned on spending a small fortune in their store. When I announced my intent to truly splurge their eyes lit up.

Immediately they offered us a glass of champagne. Suddenly you were in a world with women embarking on a mission. I was their idea of the perfect customer. They were on a mission to provide women like me with plenty of options and total intimacy. It was almost embarrassing to show them how I was busting out of a store bought 38DDD. Suddenly my tits were out and I was holding a glass of champagne while two women wrapped me up in a measuring tape.

You were stunned at the way they complimented me on a gorgeous set of tits. We laughed like a couple of old friends that despite my size I was not sagging the way some women are. One of the ladies told me I was down-right perky. I told them I was raised by a woman who taught me how to maintain big tits. Until that braless summer I practically slept in a bra that had good support. Suddenly you realized how I was able to pull off not wearing a bra. When you have enormous natural tits you boost them up and support them at all times. I was kind of shocked when they told me I needed a 34F. I expected to be a 36E. I had known most of my life I needed an E cup. I just had no idea I really needed an F.

Once they determined my size they were like busy bees hunting me down my options. I just happened to mention I also wanted something for ‘pleasure.’ One of the ladies looked at you and smiled. She simply said ‘aren’t you a lucky man.’ I was already aroused at the idea of finally showing you what my figure looked like in the proper undergarments. They refilled our champagne and showed us the fitting room. Unlike some cheap mall store it was like the size of my bedroom and it had a couch. Unlike a victoria’s secret I could try on the panties. Just like a swimsuit there was just a liner in each pair of panties.

They must have started me out with thirty variations of a bra and its identical matching panty. Then there were the sexier items like corsets, garter belts, pantyhose and more. You were stunned to see so much lace and ribbons. The women made sure we still had champagne. I don’t drink much so after three glasses I was a bit tipsy. They told us to take all the time we needed and threw in a ‘make sure you two have fun.’ You smiled and said ‘oh we will.’

I knew you were disappointed when the first thing I picked up to try on was a simple white lacy bra and a matching white thong. Nonetheless you were impressed. My old bra was too big around and it basically dragged down my cleavage. Finally in a smaller size with an ample cup my tits were basically right under my chin and there was no sensation I was busting out too much. In this bra I was busting out perfectly. I could see the bulge in your pants. When the next words to come out of my mouth were ‘go to the bathroom and give me five minutes,’ you seemed disappointed and then you understood. I just gave you a wicked grin and said ‘I want it to be a surprise.’

When you weren’t paying attention I told one of the ladies I wanted exactly what I saw on one of the mannequin. Usually I don’t go right for the obvious. I had some outfits of leather and some outfits with fur trim. I saw the outfit of my dreams and it was mixed in casually with all the other things. In many ways I didn’t give a damn which outfit you wanted to see. This was my fantasy come to fruition. I don’t know if you knew much about my love affair with fashion. In many ways you thought of me as a simple girl in a white tank top and jean shorts. You didn’t know much about my wealth of knowledge concerning vintage clothing or designers. I made a living during college selling vintage clothes on ebay.

One of the highlights was finding a vintage bra from the sixties by the designer Emilio Pucci. He is known for his super bold or intricate patterns. I know all about Pucci. I casually asked one of the ladies if the strapless and intricate corset with at least 25 hook and eyes down the front was Pucci. You barely heard me because you were looking at the bolder things that were red and black. When she said ‘yes, don’t you adore Pucci, it may be tight but we have your size,’ I truly could’ve cried. The bra I sold on ebay was very simple yet very unique. The corset I chose brought back those memories.

It was a lovely blend of pink highlighted with pastel shades of lavender and turquoise. The print could only be described as a variation of paisley. It was right out of the sixties. It had this sexy almost geometric design which truly made me fall in love. The whole outfit was complete with the printed matching panties, a delicate unique pink garter belt, and something totally unique. I have seen my fair share of sexy pantyhose. These thigh high works of art were unique. They were designed to blend in with the unique boldness of the corset. They were an odd shade of pink with an almost glittery shimmer to them.

I felt like a movie star as I set myself to the task of fastening that row of tiny little hook and eyes. It was a designer corset with boning wrapping my body up tight. My waist had never looked any smaller. I truly was an ideal hourglass shape. Because it was designed for smaller tits my ample cleavage was busting out so bad I felt like I had giant mounds of tits touching my chin. I was barely able to sit down. It was almost hard work being in something that tight and touching my feet to slide into the pantyhose. They were so silky it felt like I had my legs dipped in pink magic. As I fastened the garter belt I looked at myself in the mirror.

I even knew I looked so much like a damn playboy bunny it was surreal. All I needed was a puffy tail and I would’ve fit right in at a playboy club serving drinks or selling cigarettes. My ultra-long blonde hair completed the outfit. I do make bold fashion statements when I go to an effort to be sexy. Wrapped up tight in pastel pink paisley with such an intricate print I looked like an artist who knows timeless fashion. At that moment I didn’t care if you liked my choice or not. I wanted to fuck myself.

Even before you knocked on the door and said ‘I’m back’ I was standing in front of the mirror rubbing my clit. I knew when I put on those paisley panties it was okay to rip out the sanitary lining. In fact nothing would get me out of this outfit. I planned to leave the store wearing it. I could see by the look on your face you were stunned. I knew you weren’t lying when you said ‘I’m speechless.’ I was nearly speechless at my own transformation.

It suddenly put me on a power trip like nothing else on earth. I took you by the hand and guided you over to the couch. Because I was wrapped up in a boned corset I had no choice but to lean back. I wasn’t even listening to your compliments. I was simply pleasuring myself. You just took in the view as I worked tiny circles with my fingertips on my clit. I looked at you and said ‘lick me through my panties.’ Like an obedient slave you kneeled before me on your knees. It made me even hotter when you f***ed my legs even wider apart.

With the boning digging into my flesh it was a unique sensation of being confined yet stretched. You couldn’t stop sliding your hands up and down those pantyhose. Each stroke up and down my legs sent a surge through my body like lightening. You grabbed my ass and pulled me up and back towards your face. I couldn’t stop from saying ‘you can do anything you want to me as long as you don’t take of my panties or tear them.’

I never f***ed you to lick my clit through panties. You were up for the challenge. Usually you know I like head very gentle at first. As you started to gently lick me I told you ‘do it harder.’ With fierce devotion you licked me hard and fast. I was instantly grinding my pussy deep against you face. My panties were already soaked. When you slid a finger inside of me you were stunned I was so wet so fast. As you pushed up on my g-spot and licked my clit I simply let myself moan in sheer ecstasy. As you slid two fingers inside of me stretching my tight pussy I wanted to scream from the pleasure.

I told you ‘fuck me and lick me harder than ever before.’ You knew this was a rare chance to truly dominate me when it comes to giving head. Usually I insist on a delicate technique. This time I was much different. I didn’t mind when you pushed my panties to the side to really lick my clit hard and fast. Even confined in a corset I was grinding up and down against your face. As if you read my mind you slipped a finger deep in my ass filling both my holes just the way I like it. I was nearly screaming ‘yes baby don’t stop’ loud enough for the whole store to hear me. I knew those ladies could hear me and they were probably half rolling on the floor laughing. I could tell it turned you on to know I didn’t give a shit if they heard me screaming and moaning.

As you worked your fingers in and out of my holes you didn’t mess this chance to truly devour my pussy with your tongue. It was an odd sensation to feel the pressure of those tight pair of panties f***ed to the side so you could lick and fuck me harder. I could feel myself about to peak as I bucked up and down forcing you to swallow a full mouth full of my pussy juice. You never felt me so wet. In many ways I knew you were slowing down in order to keep me from cumming to soon. You never wanted to stop licking and fucking me the way I was letting you.

When you slowed down I did something I rarely do. I used both my hands to force your head harder into my pussy. I applied so much pressure you could barely breathe. I didn’t care. I just screamed ‘don’t stop’ over and over. With my hands I forceded your face to be buried so deep in my pussy I could feel myself grinding against your nose and even your chin. You didn’t slow down with one hand stretching out my asshole to its maximum potential. I could feel my juices rolling backwards keeping my asshole nice and wet.

With the other hand you were using three fingers to ram up and into my g-spot so hard I was literally screaming. I could feel it about to happen. I could feel the ache of the corset against my hips. I could feel the fabric digging into the left side of my pussy like razor blades. Deep inside me I could feel the pressure building up. I almost thought I should warn you what was about to happen. Yet I didn’t want to break your concentration. In one final agonizing wave of pressure I forceded your face down even harder against my clit while I screamed ‘I’m cumming.’

This was nothing like my normal orgasms. I could feel the ripple of pleasure shake through my whole body. From the top of my head to my toes I was in pure orgasmic bliss. It lasted nearly a full minute as I let you pump in and out of my holes as the pressure in me released. It had never happened to me before. Suddenly I could feel cum go shooting out of my body in a torrent like I was pissing into your mouth. I know I forceded you to literally guzzle my hot squirting cum.

I released your head and laid back totally motionless as I panted to catch my breath. When you looked up at me I could see the stunned look on your face. Even though most of my cum went down your throat your entire faced was still soaked. Suddenly we were both laughing hysterically. I told you to wipe your face on a pair of panties. I knew we had our fun and now we had to do the walk of shame out of the dressing room. I slipped my dress on. I made the split second decision to buy everything we brought into the dressing room. With both of us carrying a pile of clothes we walked out of the dressing looking guilty and wore out.

Before the ladies could say anything I simply said ‘Everything fit and I want it all. Plus I’m wearing everything on that mannequin.’ There was that moment when we all giggled at the register. We were obvious. They were obvious. I learned when I went to the Pucci boutique that it’s quite normal for there to be a couch in a fitting room. On that couch you got to fuck me in a sexy little dress based on a sixties motif. And that my friend is my story about fucking in a lingerie store.

8 days ago

Very interesting and hot story! Yes bras have always and should be both support and decoration as well. If you have nice breast then they should be on display!
2 months ago

You know I loved this story very much as I would love to hear more you are a excellent writer I wish I was as good as you are
2 months ago

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2 months ago

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2 months ago

Dave, you alone have gotten me through this night. I have poured out so much of my heart replying to your sweet words. I just told a man very clearly that you did something he did not bother to attempt. I simply asked him to read my most recent blog and leave a sentence if he truly does care about me. I told him even if he scrolled to the bottom and left me a few words without reading it to please not let me hit that post and realize strangers showed me more respect than he did. I am proud of this story as my first official attempt at fiction. I will tell you more about it when I respond to your comment on the official version.
2 months ago

Vlada I am seriously happy to know you cared enough about me to read any of my work. It means so much to me. I was cold towards you the last time we talked. I feel like I should apologize. You did show me respect and encouragement.
3 months ago

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3 months ago

Would luv to know what animal I would b in your forest
3 months ago

I would love to have that experience with you
3 months ago

My friend, I left you a comment in the story version and you know I must agree that this is the best dam story here and was it hot for me to read.
Love ya XXOO
3 months ago

Sexy you are so good… mmmmmmmm I want you..
3 months ago

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3 months ago

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3 months ago

That is one of the best stories I’ve ever heard. It totally fulfills the fantasies I have of burying my face in your pussy, and my exhibitionist fantasies. Plz give me more baby. Free your mind and make me cum over and over again.

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