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status update

I’m about to crash hard. I hit a manic state and focused on writing. That mean’s i missed all pm’s and skype messages. if im playing on skype i ignore xhamster. If im playing on xhamster i ignore skype. When I’m in the mood to write I drop everything and do it. Today I spent most of the afternoon posting my last blog on facebook. I don’t get feedback there. I wrote such long post people ignored anything I wrote. I can kill time or I can steal it. I made a few decisions. If I get a blog comment I will guarantee a man or woman a response even if it’s as simple as thank you. Since I have a hard time keeping things simple I’ll hit you back with a reaction to what you post. I’m going to try and reply to every comment someone puts on my page. i won’t bother with people who just say thanks for the add. Just know every time i read it i think to myself thanks for the invite. by focusing on a reply to comments I feel like I’m engaging good men when they engage me. I get hit with a lot of pm’s usually I can tackle a lot of them. When I’m focused on writing then I loose track of time. it took me hours to end my reign of terror on facebook. I’m so glad I found a better place to blog where I can tell naughty stories and write erotica. I want to make this very sexual. But I want to make it real. I will juggle both aspect knowing personal issues will get little to no feedback compared to erotica. I will always warn if a post isn’t sexual. I don’t want men who are looking for erotica to feel like I wasted their time. It will be clear whether it’s sexual or just me using this forum as a place to vent about life. what I do is selfish. This is my new playground. I make posts so I can remember them. That’s why it’s not all erotica. Since I dropped facebook I have to use this site as the place I do discuss daily events or concerns. But a comment has to get a reply for me to feel good about engaging the men that do read my blog. And if your lucky for c2c this is not a good time. I’m on my period. It’s hard work getting men off when my pussy is a no go zone. I don’t have a period every month. When my body does have one it can last a freakishly long time. since my cam is malfunctioning and I’m bleeding it’s not likely I’ll do c2c. I have to much fun writing and I go in waves when All I want to do is cam or all I want to do is write and answer messages. but comments come first. if a person takes the time to leave one than I take the time to write back. goodnight I may sleep a long time. I may be up at midnight. I have no clue.

About lemerris82

My good friends call me Dirt Fizzle. They also call me by my real name and the name Halina Hawthorne. My real name is Lynn. I'm 31, I'm single, I have no children. I'm obsessed with art and printmaking. I'm in nursing school. I hate it. I'd rather be making art or writing. I write. I write about the commonplace and the vulgar. I wonder if other people have this urge to journal? I want to stumble around other members of fucked up individuals that don't sleep at night.

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