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why ive gone missing

if you have read my blogs or chatted with me you understand my absence. being bi-polar and dependant on adderall comes with a price. each month i haave two totally active periods of great communication. then i run out of medicine. I have been asleep for an unknown period of days. I have missed great comments and feedback. Slowly as i detox off of adderall I will be able to function more. in a few days i will be able to reply to comments and be slightly normal. Right before i ran out of medicine i took a break from skype. many men have added me and i have not accepted the invite. it’s not because im rude. i simply cant communicate right now. many men will dismiss me as an unreliable flavor of the week. Some men will stick around and be understanding. this blog gives me a place to warn men of my absence and assure them i will be back. it just takes time for me to go from sleeping all day and night into a pace of sl**ping just the majority of my time.

About lemerris82

My good friends call me Dirt Fizzle. They also call me by my real name and the name Halina Hawthorne. My real name is Lynn. I'm 31, I'm single, I have no children. I'm obsessed with art and printmaking. I'm in nursing school. I hate it. I'd rather be making art or writing. I write. I write about the commonplace and the vulgar. I wonder if other people have this urge to journal? I want to stumble around other members of fucked up individuals that don't sleep at night.

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