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my first invalid comment

This is an experiment. I finally wrote something xhamster won’t let me post. I don’t know which rule I broke. It will be hard to read so many words will be bleeped out. But I will try to post it.DimJandy: I dare you to find a better blog. I don’t write about kittens and shoes.

Good one. No you don’t. You’re stories are kinda scary because they’re real. You’re real. I’m real. I don’t see how you survived your earlier years. I would have had a nervous breakdown once a week, or hurt someone and ended up in jail. Somehow you have the disposition to keep trying where others would have collapsed in a mindless puddle of tears.

My response: Dimjandy, I love when men quote which part of a blog they like. For some reason that gets me off like a great orgasm. I have looked for a decent blog. I never found one. I quit looking. I only look for male writers. Bitches will blog about kittens and shoes. I read those blogs. Boring. Lame. Waste of time. I want to read the good shit. That’s why I give it out in my blog. If you read my work on facebook you would know I break every rule in the book. I get slammed for using the words jesus christ, cunt, motherfucker, cocksucker, faggot, nigger, retard, mongoloid and more.

I love it. I had one bitch freak out because I do call my cousins mongoloids. If I could post pictures you would crack the fuck up. I’m not ragging on people with down’s syndrome. I do not mock people with an illness. I didn’t even think mongoloid was offensive. Apparently, it is. But my cousins all have that slightly bloated, eye drooping, jaw slaking and slow witted demeanor. If I can’t describe it as mongoloid then what word is there. Pictures prove it. One of my biggest horror stories is a f****y joke. A boy tried to **** me. He couldn’t get my pants off. I was stuck in the woods with no ride home. He f***ed me to give him head to get back to school. It wasn’t head. I got my throat fucked. It was sheer terror.

In some ways it would’ve been better if he ****d my pussy and not my face. Afterwards he decided to show me pictures in his wallet like I was his new girlfriend. I saw one and said ‘that’s my cousin.’ He said ‘no it’s not.’ I had to tell him I know my fucking cousins. He turned out to be my cousin’s first cousin on their mother’s side of the family. We were both mortified. I was only fourteen. I will kill that cocksucker one day. He told my cousins he took my virginity and I was an easy slut. None of my cousins call me lynn. They all call me ‘cousin fucker.’ I’m being sweet just to call them mongoloids. I had a terror of dicks after that rape. I couldn’t suck dick for love or money until I was sixteen. You are absolutely right most women would breakdown, hurt someone or end up in jail if they lived my life. It’s the familyy joke to be the first cousin to enrage me to the point I hit. They brawl all the time. For instance my cousin thomas was a fat fucker. He won the strawberry shortcake eating competition every year so long it was legend. He got his stomach stapled and it broke his dick. His younger twin brothers are steroid junkies. They stole his steroid jammed dick cream and lathered in it. When thomas found out they used all his dick cream they had a wrestling match in the yard of a gated community all pumped up on steroids and rage. They can’t make it through a holiday without a yard fight.

Those son’s of bitches will taunt me to extremes. Then they laugh. They dare me to touch them so they can be the one to give me a record and jail time. I am convinced that I will do hard time. Shit hits the fan when my grandma dies. We have to split the famiy land. Someone gets the swamp. Our mission to fuck each other over with the swamp is nonstop. One of my cousins threatened to blow my mom’s brains out if he gets it. My brother hates him so bad he actually needed a gun in his pants just to sit through our aunt’s funeral in case it was time to kill him.

I will do hard time if my family gets the swamp. I have already warned them I will shoot them all in the kneecaps and balls. I am trying to avoid the electric chair and not kill them all. However, the urge to burn down their trailer haunts me. I have yet to commit arson. It is only a matter of time. I have dealt with enough bullshit eventually cars or houses will burn.

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7 days ago

I cant figure out this Xham censorship? there is no consistency. However I hope nothing happens to these folks because there is all kind of reason to make you a prime suspect you life and freedom is to valuable to get tied up in that kind of mess… good to yourself….All this negativity will harm you inside…
1 month ago

it’s a damn deep swamp. There is a rumor my grandfather was really active in the klu klux klan. Apparently, black men were hung in our trees and bodies got put in that swamp. It wouldn’t shock me at all to find all kinds of human and animal bones in the deepest part. Parts of it are true quicksand. You should see my mongoloid cousins trying to wrestle cows out of the deepest parts when they get stuck in quicksand.
1 month ago

how deep is that swamp?????
2 months ago

oh that’s wonderful my sweet. I am so happy. I will find out tomorrow how expensive it will be to ship. I will find out all your options. Sorry i missed you if you sent me a skype message. I lose track of skype when I am on xham. I am so excited. You will be the first person to buy my work. I will figure out a way to cover the signed profile pic to honor you. I don’t feel good but I will be up in the day tomorrow and I’ll have more info for you. love you to pieces. muahhhh huge kiss
2 months ago

It is a riddle I can not solve. It must have been the precise combo of childhood rape, incest, arson and a murder plot. that makes me invalid. giggle.

2 months ago

sweetie..maybe you misunderstood…I still want to buy your artwork
2 months ago

I love it. I hit something that made me invalid. I woke up convinced it was the word rape. Nope that’s not it. This comment will post with no bleeps. It is a riddle I can’t solve. It had to be the twisted combo of rape, arson and a murder plot. It is a never ending challenge to write a blog on a censored forum. If I can’t use the words family, brother, animal, scrap and force then I can’t tell my life story without so many f****n bleeps it becomes a crossword puzzle. You have to give me credit for having a great story. When you have mongoloid cousins that brawl in the yard over stolen dick cream you enter my realm.
2 months ago

I know what it was. They don’t bleep out things in a comment. It is odd they caught me. I don’t even think it was killing and arson. The biggest no-no word is rape. I assumed they saw the word rape and declared it invalid. I was wrong. They will let me post the word rape in a comment. I don’t know what invalidated me. It makes me smile. I love talking about my mongoloid cousins. I know you love the visual of three fat fucks in the front yard lathered in dick cream brawling. I shall enjoy this time free from prison before I slay them all and burn down the town. That is an issue I have warned them makes me a serious threat. I have absolutely no fear of a life sentence in jail. I am a writer and an artist. I need medical care. Prison doesn’t scare me. I can live in a cage. I will get mail and have access to all kinds of reading material. I am prepared for hard time if killing is needed.
2 months ago

I need you as my mother. I feel like shit but I know I have a great pm to answer from my new mother from another brother. I think I have a whole new since of devotion to the word nigger. I am a huge nigger fucking whore slut. I can’t think of anything I want more than a good nigger man and his huge nigger cock. Somethings never change. Nigger Nigger Nigger
2 months ago

pretty sure it was because i used the word rape
2 months ago

Why would they not allow you to blog this there’s nothing wrong with it that I can see
2 months ago

Gee, I wonder what the f**k those f****n bleeped out words really f****n are? Are you kidding me? That’s f****n hilarious!!
2 months ago

Hmmm, perhaps the bits about killing? Seems that you should be free to write anything in a blog as a matter of artistic expression…. Bizarre they censored you.
2 months ago

I honestly can’t find anything wrong with anything you’ve said here. I think you’re a very intelligent and brave young lady. I personally think it’s wonderful that you, like myself can use the word nigger the way it’s meant to be used, and that YOU are as much a nigger whore and slut as me. I would be proud to call you my daughter.

2 months ago

whats up with the invalid message?

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