My good friends call me Dirt Fizzle.  They also call me by my real name  Lynn.  I’m 31, I’m single, I have no children.  I’m obsessed with art and printmaking.  I’m in nursing school.  I hate it.  I’d rather be making art or writing.  I write.  I write about the commonplace and the vulgar.  I wonder if other people have this urge to journal?  I want to stumble around other members of fucked up individuals that don’t sleep at night.

One response to “About

  1. Oh Lordy!… You’ve got just such a loon right here haha! I can categorically state for the record not only do I stop awake all hours, I’m round the hat rack too! Like your good self when it comes to writing filth – well it’s a dirty job but some fuckers got to do it eh? 😉 Great story by the way!

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